The Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (CEERE) provides technological and economic solutions to environmental problems resulting from energy production, industrial, manufacturing, and commercial activities, and land use practices.    Our University based research program is built upon four sub groups with unique abilities to service energy and environmental problems.  CEERE offers research, training and educational experiences for graduate and undergraduate engineers and scientists.  Look inside to see how research with state, federal and private partners is central to CEERE's mission and how CEERE can assist you.

UMass Awarded Grant to Run US DOE Northeast CHP Technical Assistance Partnership.  Visit the Web site The Northeast Region of the United States has a higher than average cost of energy when compared to the rest of the country, which favors the development of Combined Heat and Power (CHP). The region has a long-standing history of support for, and success in delivering, energy efficient programs. There are already a number of programs throughout the region that are supporting and promoting the CHP and efficient energy management practice. The Northeast CHP Technical Assistance Partership will leverage these existing state pump-priming activities to create sustainable markets for CHP products and services.The purpose of the NE CHP TAP is to facilitate the technology transfer and delivery of advanced CHP Technologies that assist DOE in meeting the goal of doubling CHP in the Northeast region over the next decade. It will also accelerate the market penetration of energy efficient and environmentally superior CHP. Increasing CHP penetration will improve the environment, raise productivity in buildings and industry, lower regional energy costs, strengthen security, enhance consumer choice and reduce price risks for end-users.
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Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Partnership - MAEEP


CEERE at UMass with the support of the Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources (DOER) and US DOE has developed a strategic partnership with Massachusetts electric utilities under the commerial and Industrial energy conservation program.  Programs offered through MAEEP are coordinated with the major electric and gas utilities in the state: National Grid (NGRID) and NSTAR Electric and Gas Company.   Look for opportunites to work with all the partners.   Call your account representative and ask about ways to work with MAEEP and your utility.  Or contact MAEEP by email or call Dr. Beka Kosanovic at 413-545-0684 to find out more.
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