Green Your Bottom Line in Food and Beverage Businesses

Webinar Series
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Companies that manufacture or process food and beverages are increasingly important to the New England economy. While products and facility size vary, they all use and pay for energy, water, chemicals (cleaning products or others) and waste management. Reducing these costs can help to sustain and expand a business, while ensuring that your products are safe for consumption.

Green Your Bottom Line is an initiative to support food and beverage businesses in making improvements to their facilities and processes, which will benefit both their businesses and the environment:
We are holding a series of interactive workshops for food and beverage businesses to share experiences, challenges and successes to date and plan future actions. Workshops include case studies and lessons learned, technical topics, and opportunities to learn from peers. Our team of experts will connect participants with the appropriate resources - many of them free - and incentives or funding to help with energy and environmental improvements. We have held several workshops across Massachusetts since 2016, and participants have given very positive feedback, citing the networking opportunities and connection with resources as particularly helpful.

Sustainability Resources for Massachusetts Businesses
The UMass Industrial Assessment Center offers free, in-depth energy assessments for food/beverage processors with annual energy costs between $100,000-2,500,000. Write to to request an assessment.

See our new resource sheet with descriptions and contact information for several other programs that provide free support for sustainability in Massachusetts businesses!
As a result of this initiative:

Stories of other participating businesses that are greening their bottom line:

The initiative is a joint effort of the University of Massachusetts and several government agencies:

This work is supported by a grant (00A00329) from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-Region 1 New England for Pollution Prevention in the Food and Beverage Processing Sector.