Industrial Assessment Service Information

Identification and Selection for Industrial Assessment Audits

The University of Massachusetts IAC performs a minimum of 30 Industrial Assessments per year for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. This page discusses criteria for the selection of companies participating in the program.

DOE Plant Assessment Qualification Criteria

The US Department of Energy sets plant criteria for acceptance to the program. These specifications are:
A maximum of 500 employees at a particular plant,
Gross sales less than $75 million per year at the site.
Energy costs, totalling at least $100,000 per year, but no more than $1.75 million per year,
An absence of in-house personnel trained in energy use and conservation, and
A standard Industrial Classification (SIC) in the SIC 20-39 group.

Geographic Area Serviced

The UMass IAC serves clients within a 150 mile radius of Amherst, Massachusetts. This encompasses the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and portions of Vermont and New Hampshire. The companies qualified to receive IAC services are distributed throughout this area and an effort is made to achieve a representative distribution within this geographic region.

Standard Industrial Classification Description

Eligible companies are limited to manufacturing group SIC 20-39:
SIC Code - Manufacturing Industry
20 - Food and Kindred Products
21 - Tobacco Products
22 - Textile Mill Products
23 - Apparel and Other Finished Products Made from Fabrics and Similar Materials
24 - Lumber and Wood Products (Except Furniture)
25 - Furniture and Fixtures
26 - Paper Allied Products
27 - Printing, Publishing and Allied Industries
28 - Chemical and Allied Products
29 - Products of Petroleum and Coal
30 - Rubber and Plastic Products
31 - Leather and Leather Products
32 - Stone, Clay, and Glass Products
33 - Primary Metal Industries
34 - Fabricated Metal Products (Except Machinery and Transportation Equipment)
35 - Machinery (Except Electrical)
36 - Electrical Machinery, Electronics and Allied Industries
37 - Transportation Equipment
38 - Professional, Scientific, and Controlling Instruments, Photographic and Optical Goods
39 - Other Miscellaneous Industries

Applying for IAC Service

Companies interested in requesting a no-cost IAC assessment should contact:

Dr. Beka Kosanovic
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA
(413) 545-0684 email: kosanovi@ceere.org

Modified 4/12/02

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