The goal of the resource conservation assessments (audits) is to help companies reduce their energy and waste costs while at the same time putting companies in the position of helping to promote a cleaner environment. Before a plant visit IAC requires copies of energy and water bills for the last 18 months in order to understand current energy and water use patterns and to determine unit energy costs. A team including at least one faculty member and three graduate students spend most of a workday at the plant, gathering data and taking measurements necessary to prepare a detailed written report, which includes energy and waste conservation opportunities, as well as productivity opportunities. Assessments are typically sought in the following areas: demand control, boiler and furnace efficiency, air conditioning, building heating loads, air compressors, refrigeration, process heat loads, heat recovery, lighting, motors and motor drives, and waste management and minimization. Emphasis is on opportunities that have the simple payback period of two years or less.

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